Do you need Facebook Business Manager to run your Ads?

B U S I N E S S   M A N A G E R

Business Manager is a free platform to enable you to run and track your ads, manage your Pages and different ad accounts, and add an agency to help you manage your business.


If you only manage one page and one ad account it may not be necessary to use Business Manager but if you have more than one page then set yourself up.


The main benefit I see is that you keep your personal Facebook separate from your business Facebook and you can give access to other people who may need shared access to your accounts. The security features are also better to ensure you maintain control of your assets.

Start here: Business Manager


👋🏻As always, if you would like help with your ads, either looking for someone with experience to take the burden away or some coaching to get you back on track then get in touch. I will offer a special series discount of 10% off any package if you quote SOCIALADS19