Eat, sleep, iOS14, repeat.

How to ensure your Facebook Advertising is ready for iOS14.

Since Apple released its iOS 14.5 update in the UK on April 26th there have been so many changes to Facebook Advertising and messages in Facebook Ad Manager. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all when you are running your own ads. Maybe you don’t fully understand what Facebook is asking you to check or what the implications of a certain change are.

There are some key actions that all E-commerce businesses need to ensure they have done:

🙌 Verify your domain on Facebook Business Manager – this is different from verifying your business and instructions can be found under Business Settings>Brand Safety>Domains in your Business Manager

🙌 Let Facebook know your 8 most important Events for conversions to ensure you are tracking accurately. This is done in Events Manager>Aggregated Events Management but they currently have a handy pop-up in Events Manager telling you how to do it.

🙌 Speak to your web developer about installing Conversions API (or CAPI) which will enable Facebook to track server-side conversion activity as well as Facebook Pixel activity to give you more accurate results.

Check Your Audience Sizes:

↪ Be aware that your audience sizes may now be smaller than before, especially if you are retargeting.

For cold audiences, look at increasing your Lookalike audiences or trying larger interest-based audiences. Facebook will have less data to work with depending on the opt-in rates but the clients I am managing are still getting good results so positive thinking…

How I can help your business:

🌟I have been running weekly 1-1 sessions with e-commerce businesses to help them through these changes and they are finding the support perfect as they are learning and having someone to answer their questions.

The sessions are on Zoom for around 45 minutes weekly and I run through their ad campaigns, analyse the results and make recommendations for things to change which they do after the call. I also update them with any iOS14 learnings and share tactics I am seeing working on my other accounts. Sound interesting??

Email me the word ‘1-1’ if you would like to know more about this.