How to stop wasting money on Facebook Ads


Stop wasting money

The start of a new month and as I have been hiding away for most of April, I thought I would run a series on Facebook Ads to help you stop wasting money on Facebook Ads.

I am very excited to be talking about Ads as they are my new love and the area of my business that is growing fastest. Oh, and for you Instagram lovers, Facebook Ad Manager is where you plan Instagram ads too.

If you aren’t convinced, I hope to give you some great reasons to run ads in the upcoming series but don’t miss the boat.

 ‘online advertising spend is expected to grow 9.8% this year, following on from an estimated 13.4% rise in 2018’ according to the Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report

Whatever your level of knowledge of #FacebookAds you are sure to learn something from this series so keep an eye out for the new blog posts.


This is normally the first step people take into Facebook ads, kindly aided by Facebook telling you your post is performing better than all others and persuading you to put some money behind it.

Boosting a post used to be pretty much a waste of money but now with some close attention to targeting, you can build a good audience.

HOWEVER, there are many limitations and you will soon understand why using Ad Manager is the way to progress your ad experience.

Using Ad Manager will enable you to set the correct objective for your campaign rather than the limited options on Boost. You also have better control over how your ad looks by adding important features like Headlines, Call-To-Action buttons, and better creative options. Not to mention the lookalike audiences and retargeting options through using the Facebook Pixel.

So before you hit BOOST, think about whether it is the right choice for you.

If this means very little to you then keep following and I will cover off all of these topics in the coming weeks!


👋🏻As always, if you would like help with your ads, either looking for someone with experience to take the burden away or some coaching to get you back on track then get in touch. I will offer a special series discount of 10% off any package if you quote SOCIALADS19