How to improve your Facebook Ads with Lookalike audiences

L O O K A L I K E  A U D I E N C E S


Have you built lookalike audiences yet?


You need to have the Facebook Pixel installed and then you are good to go. The pixel will need to have collected some data before it can realistically build out a seed audience to build a lookalike audience from. Best way to do this is run a Traffic campaign driving traffic to your website, maybe with an incentive in order to ‘season’ the pixel. Once this has happened, you can build audiences in Ad Manager under Audiences.


First you build a seed Custom audience and this can be done from:


✚Website visitors

✚Facebook or Instagram page fans, page, post or ad engagers (good  – post iOS14 update)

✚People who have viewed videos or engaged with posts or ads (good  – post iOS14 update)

✚Uploaded customer files like mailing lists (good  – post iOS14 update)

✚App activity

✚Event interest (good  – post iOS14 update)


Then you use this seed audience to build a new LAL audience – to do this you choose the country you want the audience from and the % of the countries audience – 1% being an audience that matches closest to your seed audience and this goes up to a very loose match of 10% (I recommend testing 3% and a 1% against each other)


This is a great way of finding a new COLD audience who look like your existing customer and should be tested alongside Interest-based ad sets to see what works best for your business.

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