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6-question Facebook Ads Quiz Results

Let’s see how you got on in our Facebook Advertising Quiz

What ad objective would you choose to drive people to a website?
Page Likes
The correct answer was Traffic. The Traffic objective is designed to drive people to your website or app.


What is CBO (launching in September)?
Commercial Budget Objective
Campaign Budget Optimisation
Customer Business Audience
Custom Budget Awareness
The correct answer was Campaign Budget Optimisation. CBO is where budget is set at campaign level rather than at ad-set. This will be enforced by September but is available now to test.


What length video ad can you run on Instagram?
up to 120 secs
up to 240 secs
up to 10 mins
less than 15 secs
The correct answer is up to 120 seconds


Traffic objective optimises your ad for..? (as default)
Link Clicks
Landing Page Views
The correct answer is Link Clicks


What type of custom audiences can you not target?
Facebook fans
People who have filled in your lead form
Existing customer data
People who have engaged with your ad
The correct answer is People who have engaged with your ad. You cannot build an audience from this group


What can’t the Facebook Pixel do?
Measure the results of your ads
Drive more sales
Find people who have visited your website
Split test your ads
The correct answer is split test your ads. The Facebook pixel can help you track your return on ad spend, retarget customers who have shown an interest in your products and visited your website.



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We can cover:

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Best ways to retarget your customers


So, you have the Facebook pixel installed now right? Pixel set, ready to hit retargeting – totally genius Facebook. Most people who come to your website aren’t yet ready to purchase or take action. Retargeting is a way of reaching out to these website visitors once they have left, and potentially forgotten about, your website. Once a visitor on your site has triggered a cookie, Facebook can use this to target them with advertising when they return to Facebook.

This all seems a little creepy but I am sure we have all seem it pretty frequently as big brands are using retargeting a lot. ‘Did you leave something in your basket?’, ‘Would you like a second look?’ – torturous around Christmas when we are trying to shop on the sly!

But joking aside, retargeting needs to be part of your Facebook Ads sales funnel if you want to ensure your product isn’t forgotten about. You can retarget visitors to your website, who watched a video or even added to cart. What is the value of your current cart-abandons? Don’t let them slip away.

But what is the best way to get their attention I hear you ask? If you are an e-comm client with a product catalogue then give DPA’s a try (Dynamic Product Ads) – they show the right product to the right person! Or maybe your audience is a little nervous about trying you for the first time – hit them with a 5***** recommendation or testimonial. Or if they need one last incentive, a discount code or free P&P.

However you use it, you are bound to see some great results at the bottom of your sales funnel!

All about Carousel Ads

C A R O U S E L  A D  C R E A T I V E

Time to move on from Facebook Ad targeting options to creative options. One of the most creative options is the carousel. With this you can showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link on ‘cards’.


It is perfect for showing off multiple images of products within your company or using the cards to create one creative by designing the cards so they flow into a big image. You can use it to tell a story or highlight your best features or products. Facebook enables you to easily add a brand card at the end.


Carousel ads are designed so you can tell a story so ensure you are using them creatively and think about this when planning the content. Include a strong CTA on each card and make the most of being about to have a different headline on each one. The benefit of carousel over collection ads is that they can be viewed on the desktop too.


Take a look at the Facebook page @carouselformat for some great examples – you can use it in most objectives except Engagement. I hope you have fun trying these out!

How to build a targeted Interest-Based Audience

I N T E R E S T – B A S E D  A U D I E N C E S

So your business is looking to attract new customers? One way of finding a new COLD audience is by targeting them by interest and setting up a Saved Audience. It is possible to target customers by how old they are, where they live, what pages they follow, whether they have a family and so many more ways.


Facebook tracks 256 data points on each user and these are used together to form a profile of you. When elements of these profiles match interest based targeting from a sponsored placement, they are shown an ad in their newsfeed.


The key to interest-based targeting is to test what works. You can set the interests quite wide and leave the audience size large and let Facebook find the right customers for you – this seems to be working well at the moment. Or you can really niche down and find the specific person in a much smaller pool of people. Really only testing will help you know what works for your business.


Let me know what works for you by leaving a comment below.


👋🏻As always, if you would like help with your ads, either looking for someone with experience to take the burden away or some coaching to get you back on track then get in touch. I will offer a special series discount of 10% off any package if you quote SOCIALADS19

How to reach the right audience on Facebook Ads

A U D I E N C E   B U I L D I N G

It is crucial when running ads that you understand the audience you are trying to reach as well as your existing audience. If you are running the Facebook Pixel (and I hope you are) then you have the ability to build lookalike audiences from seed audiences of your existing fans.

To understand these fans and check they are aligned with your ideal audience or customer, use Google Analytics to check your web visitors and use Facebook and Instagram Insights to understand your seed audiences there.

You may find if you have been running lots of promotions or (!) bought Likes and Followers, that you have attracted people who are not your usual and ideal person. In this case, your seed audience may not be good enough to build a lookalike audience from.

But unless you check first, you won’t know.

What on earth is a Facebook Pixel?

F A C E B O O K   P I X E L

I can’t emphasise this enough – if you aren’t using a Facebook Pixel on your website then you are leaving money on the table when using Facebook Ads.


Do I need to say it again – get that pixel installed – either ask your web developer to install it for you or use PixelMySite plugin on WordPress – it’s really easy.  Log into your Ad Manager and got to Pixel and set one up – either email the code to your developer or copy it and install it yourself.


So what is the Pixel? It is a piece of code that tracks people who visit every page on your website if they are logged into Facebook at the time (which most people are)

If you are using Facebook ads then it is vital to be using the Pixel so you can collect detailed information about your website visitors.


You can then use this information to:

  • create lookalike audiences which are amazing for finding a new audience for your ads
  • you can use it to retarget your website visitors
  • you can retarget ecomm clients who ‘added to cart’ but didn’t check out  
  • you can track offline purchases where a sale is made over the telephone but still attribute some of the sale to a view of an ad
  • you can install custom conversions which track certain important events in the buying or lead gen process
  • you can understand your audience better by monitoring cart abandons and other actions


The pixel will allow you to monitor how successful your ads were and enable Facebook to optimise your campaigns to find the people most likely to convert or take an action.

Need help with your Pixel..?


👋🏻As always, if you would like help with your ads, either looking for someone with experience to take the burden away or some coaching to get you back on track then get in touch. I will offer a special series discount of 10% off any package if you quote SOCIALADS19

How to stop wasting money on Facebook Ads


Stop wasting money

The start of a new month and as I have been hiding away for most of April, I thought I would run a series on Facebook Ads to help you stop wasting money on Facebook Ads.

I am very excited to be talking about Ads as they are my new love and the area of my business that is growing fastest. Oh, and for you Instagram lovers, Facebook Ad Manager is where you plan Instagram ads too.

If you aren’t convinced, I hope to give you some great reasons to run ads in the upcoming series but don’t miss the boat.

 ‘online advertising spend is expected to grow 9.8% this year, following on from an estimated 13.4% rise in 2018’ according to the Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report

Whatever your level of knowledge of #FacebookAds you are sure to learn something from this series so keep an eye out for the new blog posts.


This is normally the first step people take into Facebook ads, kindly aided by Facebook telling you your post is performing better than all others and persuading you to put some money behind it.

Boosting a post used to be pretty much a waste of money but now with some close attention to targeting, you can build a good audience.

HOWEVER, there are many limitations and you will soon understand why using Ad Manager is the way to progress your ad experience.

Using Ad Manager will enable you to set the correct objective for your campaign rather than the limited options on Boost. You also have better control over how your ad looks by adding important features like Headlines, Call-To-Action buttons, and better creative options. Not to mention the lookalike audiences and retargeting options through using the Facebook Pixel.

So before you hit BOOST, think about whether it is the right choice for you.

If this means very little to you then keep following and I will cover off all of these topics in the coming weeks!


👋🏻As always, if you would like help with your ads, either looking for someone with experience to take the burden away or some coaching to get you back on track then get in touch. I will offer a special series discount of 10% off any package if you quote SOCIALADS19