How to improve your Facebook Ads with Lookalike audiences

L O O K A L I K E  A U D I E N C E S


Have you built lookalike audiences yet?


You need to have the Facebook Pixel installed and then you are good to go. The pixel will need to have collected some data before it can realistically build out a seed audience to build a lookalike audience from. Best way to do this is run a Traffic campaign driving traffic to your website, maybe with an incentive in order to ‘season’ the pixel. Once this has happened, you can build audiences in Ad Manager under Audiences.


First you build a seed Custom audience and this can be done from:


✚Website visitors

✚Facebook or Instagram page fans, page, post or ad engagers (good  – post iOS14 update)

✚People who have viewed videos or engaged with posts or ads (good  – post iOS14 update)

✚Uploaded customer files like mailing lists (good  – post iOS14 update)

✚App activity

✚Event interest (good  – post iOS14 update)


Then you use this seed audience to build a new LAL audience – to do this you choose the country you want the audience from and the % of the countries audience – 1% being an audience that matches closest to your seed audience and this goes up to a very loose match of 10% (I recommend testing 3% and a 1% against each other)


This is a great way of finding a new COLD audience who look like your existing customer and should be tested alongside Interest-based ad sets to see what works best for your business.

For more bespoke help with this and improving your Facebook Ads results book a POWER HOUR from £97ph

Email me:  Susie

How to effectively communicate in the ‘new normal’ phase

We are now entering a new phase called the ‘new normal’ according to the press and our government, and it is important to address how we could be adapting the way we communicate on social media.


Negative language on social media

I see many social media posts still talking very negatively about the ‘crisis’ and these posts can add to the anxiety people may be feeling.

Businesses are using words like ‘crisis’, ‘surviving’, pandemic’, ‘killer, ‘outbreak’, ‘disaster’, ‘survival’, ‘disruptions’, ‘contagious’, ‘impacted’ to list a few I saw today and these words conjure up negative feelings which can reflect on the brand.


Be more human

Now is not the time for scare-mongering but for inspiring our customers and building a positive connection with them on social media.

It is important to put yourself into the mind of your customer and be calm and sensitive, showing kindness but also giving direction. Mari Smith, the ‘Queen of Facebook’ said last week at Atomicon 2020 that people are looking for ‘emotionally intelligent leaders’  – calm, a voice of reason and a good listener.

A brand should, therefore, be showing up on social media, being ‘more human’ and showing empathy.


Inspiring communications

So, let’s go back to the language we could use in social media during the ‘new normal’, phase.  It would be beneficial for brands to adopt a positive, inspirational, helpful tone during this time.

Posts can be conversational but it’s important to be careful with wit and humour as this can come across as dismissive of the situation we are all in.

Ideas of words and phrases that I feel reflect how we should communicate include as an example: ‘adapt’, ‘support’, ‘cope’, ‘stay connected’, ‘stand together’, ‘contribute’, ‘connect’, ‘play a role’, ‘navigate’, ‘respond’…

If you are offering an online service or your business is soon to open to the public having been closed, then you will want to reassure your customers using language like ‘virtual’, ‘contact-free’, ‘remote’, ‘downloadable’, ‘social distancing’.

Using these phrases shows you understand their concerns and as a brand, you are taking the situation seriously and respectfully.


Navigating the challenges

Whilst it is fine to still sell to our customers as people are still buying products, this is an area where we continue to need to be sensitive. Brands don’t want to be seen to be profiteering from the situation so care is needed with the language.

Brands also need to ease up on the urgency around offers – time-limited offers like ‘don’t miss out’ or ‘offer only for 24 hours’ add pressure on the consumer and their priorities may have changed during the lockdown and this may fall flat with them or cause anxiety.

If you find it a challenge to get the language and tone right on social media then why don’t you try to move your communication onto video posts or Lives? Your message is less likely to be misinterpreted if your customers can see your expression, hear your tone and feel your emotion.


Moving forward

I always say to my clients that a social media post should either ‘entertain, inspire or educate’  – I still stick by this, with the priority at the moment being, inspiring and educating your audience.

Corona Virus Lock-down Update

We are now just over a week into isolation in the UK and I finally have a moment to post on here between juggling client work, home-schooling and settling the family into our new way of life.

No one could ever have imagined the impact this virus would have and we find ourselves in a totally unplanned situation. Some businesses have been hugely affected with a shutdown and others are thriving, with a third group trying to find a new outlet for their services or products.

👩🏻‍💻We have all had to embrace technology like never before. People are getting their grandparents iPads and setting them up on Zoom over the phone – unheard of a month ago – they wouldn’t have even really tried it!

I want to be able to help my clients get through this period but also I want to add value to other businesses who I have come to know through social or helped in workshops.

If you need help setting yourselves up to deliver your services online or are going to use the time to get yourself up and running on a new social channel, then let me know how I can help.

Whilst I can and have the time, I am offering you some free advice so get in touch with me on email and we can set up a call. I also offer free social media tips and you can sign up here.

✨If you sell a product you can still dispatch or sell a service that you can do online, then Facebook Ads is a perfect way of reaching your ideal customer.

There are fewer people advertising currently and CPMs are lower with a good return on investment being seen in both e-comm and lead gen. I can either offer one-to-one sessions to help get you set up or I can manage your ads for you. It may be the difference between your business existing during this crisis or really thriving.

😓Sadly, I can’t hold my workshops in the Hive in Cranbrook at the moment and I am missing running them. But I am looking for interest in online workshops.

I don’t feel comfortable telling you that now is the perfect time to upskill as everyone has different circumstances, but I am looking at moving my workshops online as a natural progression for my business. I have done all of my social media retraining and Facebook Ads learnings online and it can be a great and supportive way to learn with the right course.

I would love to hear from you about online workshops and whether you would prefer ‘learn at your own pace’ or ‘online, live’ teaching if you were to embark on a course.

👯‍♀️Being at home with the kids has turned me into a TikTok addict – I am currently using it for my business and learning how it all works. It has 500m active monthly users and 41% of users are 16-24. But I am seeing tonnes of mums, dads and over 30’s on there – it really is fun.

If you are interested in learning more about how a business can use this platform, then shout (just don’t judge the dancing!!)

As we know ‘business as usual’ doesn’t really exist in these exceptional circumstances but rest assured, I am here, at home, ready to help if you need it.

Stay safe,




What should a business do on social media during COVID-19?

When we all started our business we thought it would be plain sailing, right? 😀

We had something we loved, we had a plan, an amazing product, a fantastic USP and we went for it. 

But along the way there have been hurdles and now we are all facing another one that is possibly quite unexpected. 🥺

I have been asked by a few people whether businesses should still be on social media during this time as it seems all a bit, well, insensitive at the moment. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I wanted to talk to you about how your business can still use social media during COVID-19, how to adjust your messaging and things you can do to help your business during this difficult period.

➡️I have prepared a little video – you will need the sound on as I didn’t have time for subtitles today but hope it gives you some pointers for your business. 🔽🔽🔽

[The video starts off quietly for some reason but does increase after about 4 seconds]

I would love to hear about how you are coping and if you are adjusting your business – feel free to message me if you want a virtual cuppa!

How to repurpose your content

“To find success with social media, you have to create a LOT of content”

👆Now, let’s file that statement under “things I no longer believe.”

Because in the last 12 months of managing social media for myself and businesses, I’ve realised quality content can be broken down and easily repurposed on other marketing platforms. 👏🏻

This has changed the way I schedule and plan my marketing and it saves me time. ⏰

So how do we do it?🤷🏻‍♀️

A long post can be turned into:

  1. a blog for your website
  2. the main content for an email to your subscribers
  3. bitesize chunks for posts on social media platforms
  4. an article on LinkedIn
  5. a guest post on a collaborative website
  6. a lead magnet for download on your website.

There are many ways of repurposing your valuable content beyond just writing one post so save time and think about where else you can use it.

When I started out in business, I spent ages scheduling my posts and trying to think up something different every day and when I felt uninspired, I just stopped posting. 🤨

By spending the time on one piece of engaging content and adapting it for each platform, you reach more people with less effort and have more time for looking after your customers and business – WIN | WIN

➡️I’d love to know what statement flies around your industry that you’d like to toss out ⬅️

socialwize sitting at table

Retreat Yourself

I am very excited to announce a new launch for 2020 with Kathryn Freeland from Stede Court Private Fitness Retreat in Biddenden


We are hosting a wellbeing day retreat on Saturday, 28th March, focusing on how a balanced lifestyle can bring you happiness and energy. Our retreat is Live & Work Smart – Strategies for the self-employed on the 28th March. We want the day to be about how exercising & mindful living will help your life & work and my talk will be about ensuring your social media is helping your business and manageable.

Interactive session: Discover how to write a social media strategy for your business that will target your ideal customer, with the right message, at the right time. Social Media doesn’t need to tedious and time-consuming and with the right tips and tools, can be very cost-effective and essential marketing for your business.

The day will include:

  • 10.30   Welcome and introduction to Work & Live Smart
  • 11.00   Circuits in the bespoke exercise trail
  • 12.00   Mindfulness meditation
  • 13.00   Two course nutritious & delicious lunch
  • 14.00   Talk / interactive training
  • 16.00   Afternoon tea and thoughts on the day
  • 16.30   Guests leave

£125 per person
For a truly relaxing weekend stay the night £150 per double room
Maximum 8 guests, minimum of 4 guests (ample parking available)
Makes a Great Christmas present!


The retreats are set in the stunning surroundings of Grade 2 listed Stede Court, Biddenden in 7 tranquil private acres with a bespoke woodland exercise area; running & walking trail; zen area; outdoor sauna & swimming pond.

Kathryn: The Times’ “A list personal Trainer” & The Mail on Sunday’s “World’s most sought after trainer” teams up with fabulous experts to bring you beneficial & enjoyable day retreats


How to reach the right audience on Facebook Ads

A U D I E N C E   B U I L D I N G

It is crucial when running ads that you understand the audience you are trying to reach as well as your existing audience. If you are running the Facebook Pixel (and I hope you are) then you have the ability to build lookalike audiences from seed audiences of your existing fans.

To understand these fans and check they are aligned with your ideal audience or customer, use Google Analytics to check your web visitors and use Facebook and Instagram Insights to understand your seed audiences there.

You may find if you have been running lots of promotions or (!) bought Likes and Followers, that you have attracted people who are not your usual and ideal person. In this case, your seed audience may not be good enough to build a lookalike audience from.

But unless you check first, you won’t know.

It’s here! The 3 ways I can help you in 2019

Is your To-Do List stressing you out?

Find out how I can help you in 2019 and give you back the time you need to run your business successfully!


Book a Power Hour

A Power Hour is a bespoke 1-1 coaching session to run through specific issues you are having with your paid advertising across Facebook and Instagram. They can be arranged at short notice and enable you to resolve your issue quickly and not waste precious time trying to find the solution yourself. We can delve into your Ad Account to review your ads, troubleshoot your ad copy and audiences, advise on your funnel setup or just answer your long list of questions!

As these sessions are via Zoom I can work with you wherever you are and make sure the session is as efficient and useful for you as possible. To find out more about my Facebook Advertising options, visit this page



Outsource your Social Media to an expert!

We offer different levels of support to your business from fully outsourced social media management, social & content strategy planning, audits, power hours and coaching packages. We are here to take away your headache by offering you flexible solutions to suit your needs.

If you want to know how you are doing then choose an audit to establish where you are and what you can do to improve. But if you are starting out in business, then invest time in working on a strategy to be the framework for your online marketing activity. If you have tried doing it yourself and don’t enjoy it or it leaves you feeling guilty that you dedicate no time to it, then consider working with us as an external marketing solution. If you love it but want to improve your skills or want some expert guidance then speak to us about bespoke coaching options.

Find the right solution here and get in touch!



Looking for 1-1 coaching or workshops for your business?

Social media changes so quickly and unless you are working in this industry, you cannot be expected to keep on top of the platform changes, new ad products or trends.

Maybe you want to try something new on social media, like a new platform, or just want to be guided through a process. You may not have the skills within your company or just need a greater understanding of what social can do for your business.

I can offer bespoke training on a 1-1 basis face-to-face in Kent or via Zoom video and screen sharing as well as arranging workshops and company training sessions. Get in touch with your requirements and find out how I can get you or your team upskilled quickly. Read more here


If you would like to tick off those items on your To-Do List and hear more about how you can work with me in 2019, then book a discovery call with me now.


Book a Call


Online Marketing Checklist

2018 Christmas Online Marketing Checklist

For many small businesses, the holiday season can contribute a significant proportion of revenue to the total annual sales. It is therefore critical to get your online marketing right for this important time of year! Follow our online marketing checklist to get it right!

I really don’t want to be talking Christmas already, but many online retailers are already focused on this period and even beyond it.

With the right planning, the holiday period can be a huge success for your business and here are 5 steps to help you on your way.

Social media is one part of an online marketing plan and I will give you detailed tips to help with that but remember it is important to focus time on all parts of your online marketing.


1. Marketing Plan

Spend some time planning out the next few months – this will not be time wasted.

Focus on how much time and budget you have to put behind this seasonal push. If you plan to spend money on advertising, how much will your budget be and what platforms are best to reach your target audience? Plan your resources over the period and whether you need to recruit more help or outsource some work.

Spend some time setting some realistic and measurable goals for your business, basing them on previous holiday seasons where possible.


2. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great way of reaching your audience, but it is often over-used so ensure that your emails are targeted to segmented groups and, as with all marketing, relevant to your audience. If you have a customer database or email marketing list, make sure you are GDPR compliant when contacting them.


3. Website

If you are an online retailer, now is the time to tidy up your website, clean up your product catalogue and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Conduct an audit of your website and work through repairing broken links and ensuring your SEO is up to date. Use relevant search terms in your content and ensure they appear in your tags and on the page.

Make sure your opening hours, contact details, returns information and delivery commitments are up to date and that the site images are reflecting the holiday season.


4. Blog & Content Creation

If you have a blog page, now is the time to write some interesting content for your website, especially before you get too busy with orders! This content can be used on social media posts to drive people to your site all through the months up to Christmas so use it to promote your products or ideas.

Think about producing gift guides for him/her/kids, beauty guides to get you through Christmas party season or holiday recipes. Create whatever content is most relevant for your business and which will add value to your customer.


5. Social Media

Christmas is a great time to engage with your audience and customer base. Inject some festive fun into your posts and make sure you are on top of increased activity on posts and on direct messages. Increasingly people are using social media as the main communication with retailers so make sure you check your notifications regularly. Social media, as you know can be time-consuming but is definitely a great way of getting your message and product information out to your customer base.


  • Focus on your target audience – make sure you know your customer inside-out. Check Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to fully understand your customer demographics and establish how people are finding or reaching your e-commerce website. Focus your time and budget on that audience and check you are using the right social media platforms for your business. If a platform isn’t driving sales but you like using it, you may be wasting important time over this festive period.


  • Plan your advertising – Work out your advertising budget and what products are best for you to promote based on popularity, stock levels and revenue opportunity.

Take time to test copy and creative for your ads so every penny is well spent.


  • Facebook Advertising – Check you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, so you can use the full targeting functionality in Facebook Advertising.

Set up custom and lookalike audiences on Facebook Advertising for different product sets and customer groups. Facebook Advertising can be used across Instagram and the wider Audience Network if you are looking to grow your reach.


  • Google Adwords – If you are using PPC advertising, increase your bids over the holiday period to ensure visibility and update keywords and copy to reflect relevant search terms.


  • Build a content calendar – plan your social media content around the key shopping dates and generate new interest in your products by planning a good mix of relevant created and curated content.

Share interesting content like gift guides and stress-free Christmas ideas to ensure your audience is not just bombarded with Christmas commercialism.

Think about running a Christmas competition to increase engagement around one of your best-selling items. Just be sure to check the platform rules around competitions and follow them.

Use your posts to keep people up to date with the latest products and generate interest in best-sellers and trending products.


  • Scheduling – Social Media posts can be planned ahead using one of the many scheduling tools out there. Write your posts in advance and have them ready to post when you know you will be busy. This will save you a lot of time and stress. If you have never used a scheduler, try Facebook’s own scheduling tool which is really easy to use. Other companies like Buffer, Hootsuite and ContentCal has free plans for entry-level users.


Key Shopping Days 2018:

Do you know the key dates in the run up to Christmas – I have compiled a list for you to plan around:

  • 1st October – Buy British Day. Launched by Best of Britannia in 2014 to promote British retailers and producers
  • 31st October – Hallowe’en. Now a larger retail day than Valentine’s Day
  • 23rd November – Black Friday. Historically a US shopping holiday and viewed as the start of the holiday shopping season.
  • 26th November – Cyber Monday. Another US shopping tradition after Thanksgiving, often used for sale hunting.
  • 1st December – Small Business Saturday. Celebrating and supporting small businesses.
  • 15th December – Free Shipping Day. To encourage online sales ahead of the last minute rush
  • 25th December – the Big Day. Often online sales are seen starting now.
  • 26th December – Boxing Day. Seen by the majority as the start of the sales on and offline.


By spending some time now on our festive online marketing checklist, you will be well on your way to a successful Christmas period for your business!

Grab yourself a festive tipple to get you in the mood and happy planning! I wish you a successful Christmas!


Susie Smith – Social Media Consultant

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Guest Social Media Blogger on Mama Makes Network

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Mama Makes Network

I was really pleased to be invited to be a guest blogger for Mama Makes Network – a blog, community and events network for mamas with a creative side. I have been following them for a while and chatted in the virtual world and they wanted me to share some tips on how their followers could maximise their efforts on Instagram.

They offer great advice for creative mamas and host coffee mornings and creative workshops around London – be sure to follow them!


5 tips on how to rock Instagram

You can find my 5 tips on how to rock Instagram in my guest blog post which was published last month.

Are you using Instagram and are you making the most of all of their image and video features? As Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks and predicted to dominate the market by 2020, it’s time to find out how to step up your Instagram activity!

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