What on earth is a Facebook Pixel?

F A C E B O O K   P I X E L

I can’t emphasise this enough – if you aren’t using a Facebook Pixel on your website then you are leaving money on the table when using Facebook Ads.


Do I need to say it again – get that pixel installed – either ask your web developer to install it for you or use PixelMySite plugin on WordPress – it’s really easy.  Log into your Ad Manager and got to Pixel and set one up – either email the code to your developer or copy it and install it yourself.


So what is the Pixel? It is a piece of code that tracks people who visit every page on your website if they are logged into Facebook at the time (which most people are)

If you are using Facebook ads then it is vital to be using the Pixel so you can collect detailed information about your website visitors.


You can then use this information to:

  • create lookalike audiences which are amazing for finding a new audience for your ads
  • you can use it to retarget your website visitors
  • you can retarget ecomm clients who ‘added to cart’ but didn’t check out  
  • you can track offline purchases where a sale is made over the telephone but still attribute some of the sale to a view of an ad
  • you can install custom conversions which track certain important events in the buying or lead gen process
  • you can understand your audience better by monitoring cart abandons and other actions


The pixel will allow you to monitor how successful your ads were and enable Facebook to optimise your campaigns to find the people most likely to convert or take an action.

Need help with your Pixel..?


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